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9 Tips & Tricks For Using The Ohai App

by Kausthubh Jun 27 2017


Hey, thanks for downloading Ohai! We hope you’ve had a great time with the app so far. Here are some easy tips and tricks to really boost your Ohai experience and network like a boss:

Live View

This is Ohai’s default tab that shows up when the app is opened. It lists people in order of their physical distance from you, or sorts them by interest – you choose!

Press the red ‘plus’ sign on the bottom right to change the sorting method for Live View.

Your shoutout

A shoutout is a message on your profile visible to other Ohai users that “shouts” your current needs. Simply put, it’s the reason you’re using the app at the moment. Are you looking for an investor for your startup? Your shoutout could be “Looking for an Angel Investor for my business!” Have you just bought a house? Then you can shout “Need an interior designer specializing in traditionally styled homes!”

shoutout example

To set your shoutout, press the red ‘plus’ sign on the bottom right side of the screen, and press ‘Shoutout’.  Type your shoutout and press ‘Submit’.

Seen Around Me

This is one of the most unique features of Ohai. Let’s say you were at an event with a few hundred people – of course there was no time to meet them all. Seen Around Me keeps a record of who was in your vicinity at a particular time and place, and allows you to get in touch with them later. This ensures that you never miss out on the opportunity to make an acquaintance.

Seen Around Me is the tab next to Live View.

Optimizing your profile

Adding details to your profile is easy, but you should optimize content to ensure that people really know when to connect with you. Ohai is for professional networking – so it’s better to have a hi-resolution picture of just you, rather than a group of friends or something unrelated like a sports car.
Keep your shoutouts and profile description short and crisp – ideally under 12 words each.
Adding links to your other social profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook) will make your Ohai profile appear more genuine and serious.

Edit your profile by going to the menu on the left, then press ‘My Profile’ and press the ‘pencil’ logo on the top right.

Group Chats (Buzz Around Me)

Feel free to post in any of our public group chats! #PowaiConnect is for Powai citizens and visitors, #TeamOhai is for asking the Ohai crew for any help with the app and #TrendingMovies can be used to discuss what’s new in theaters. Since we’re all such huge cricket lovers, we made a cricket discussion group too! More chats coming soon!

Buzz around me group chats

Notifications & Privacy

You can always toggle your notification settings by going to Settings in the left-side menu, if you feel like you’re getting too many. Don’t want to be notified of group chat texts? Open the group chat, go to the drop-down menu on the top right, and press ‘Do Not Notify’. The same goes for individual users.

block users if you like
You can always turn those notifications back on by pressing ‘Notify’ in the same menu.

Share to Invite

This option lets you invite friends and acquaintances into the app, by shooting them a download link.

Press ‘Share to Invite’ in the left-side menu and you’ll be presented with various sharing options like email, SMS, WhatsApp etc.

Saved Contacts

If you save someone’s profile in Ohai, it will be available to you at any time in the ‘saved contacts’ tab in the left-side menu. Having a contact saved gives you more information that isn’t available on their public wall, such as their phone number, and address (if filled out by user). You can open up a contact at any time to see their details, e-mail them, call them up, etc.

Requesting a contact is easy, simply click on the ‘Save Profile’ and the save request will be sent to the user.


Once you’re all set with the app, you want to start conversations with people in it. Not sure how to go about this? Check out our article on breaking the ice and meeting new people.

Here’s to your Ohai adventures! We really hope you meet to make some great connections on the app. Cheers!

Don’t have the app yet? Get it from here.

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