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Ohai - Team Member Harshvardan

Today networking is not efficient. People go around meeting anyone they can, hoping they could get something useful out of that interaction. Ohai will ensure that never happens to me again by finding and listing people's profiles around me in real time. This will save me time and energy lost trying to find the right people.

Harshvardhan Sanghvi, ISME
Ohai - Team Member Durraiya

"Oh Hi" - Isn't that the best conversation starter? At an event, awkward encounters can be put to rest if you know a little bit about a person in advance. That's exactly how Ohai worked for me, an apt icebreaker! No follows, no friend request, Ohai makes it pretty simple to find and get talking to people with similar interests!

Durraiya Hasta, Consultant
Ohai - Team Member Monali

I started using Ohai during Social Media Week 2016, and it was awesome! In three days, I got connected with 4 people attending that event. The first person was within 2 hours. Great app... keep it up!

Monali Chhabda Lalwani, Sales Manager
Ohai - Team Member Pratik

Networking in today's time is extremely important but yet somewhat tedious because you may just not find the right type of person to network with. This makes Ohai an essential app for any networking event.

Pratik Moondhra, ISME


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Additional Info
Security & Privacy
Ohai on iOS
Ohai for Events
What is Ohai all about?

Ohai is a mobile app that offers a one-of-its-kind networking experience of finding and connecting with people of interest in especially in the exact same room, auditorium or airport lounge as you, or anywhere around you, arranged by distances (here, nearby, or at a distance of <5 kms)

What's cool about it?

Imagine walking into any place, the physical space around you getting augmented with info about the people at that place and then being able to reach out to interesting people instantly for meaningful, productive conversations. How awesome is that?

How does Ohai help me?

Once you know what people are like, what they're interested in, people are no longer strangers. The app allows you to connect with new people for many different reasons - getting a job, hiring someone, network with people from a similar or interesting professional background, do business, find company while commuting, or just knowing who is around you while you're waiting for something (a flight or train) or someone (a friend at a cafe).

How does Ohai ensure my security and privacy?

One of the key design goals for Ohai has been keeping the user in control of his/her security and privacy at all times. Users can:
(i) Choose what contact details are visible to other users.
(ii) Stop receiving match notifications for a particular user.
(ii) Block a particular user that he/she prefers to.
(iv) Turn off profile visibility at any time he/she feels unsafe of being discovered.

How's Ohai different from other social networking apps?

The Ohai experience is different from any other social app because it offers live discovery - the promise of here and now. It provides a two-way match in the user's physical location, allowing for instant conversations and connections.

Is it like Tinder or Happn?

Ohai was developed with a purpose of professional networking in mind, rather than dating; the objectives and the way we go about getting people to interact quite different.

What are Circles and what are the different kinds of circles available?

For all information circles, refer to this post

How does Ohai find people in your proximity?

Ohai uses proprietary & advanced wireless IOT and geo-location technologies to discover and connect multiple user devices that are in the same place with each other.

GPS! Won't that drain my battery?

Not really. Although your GPS setting will be On, our technology works in such a way that it only uses Geo-Location at some interval, not all the time. By doing this, impact to battery usage is minimised.

What exactly is 'Live Discovery'?

It means that the set of users in proximity and nearby is continuously being updated as you move around or as they move around.

How fast is Live View?

Live View works in real-time. If you can see someone as 'Here', that person is in fact very close to you at that moment.

How does Ohai match me with people?

Ohai matches you with people based on your given background as well as your shoutout. If you're a Software Engineer, and you've set your shoutout as 'Looking for interns', for instance, you'll be matched with other Ohai users who are looking for internships in a software engineering domain.

Wouldn't it be unsafe if strangers know where I am?

Strangers don't know your exact location at any time. They just know that you're close by.

I need to become invisible to others on Ohai for some time. What should I do?

You can turn Discovery off by going to Settings > Discovery Off.

Can random people see my phone number & other details?

No. By default, we turn off the visibility of your phone number, email ID, address etc. You can turn it on by editing privacy settings for your contact details under the 'My profile' section. Privacy is of the utmost importance to Ohai and you'll be in charge of the information available to people at all times.

I'm not getting matched with anyone. Help!

Matching happens based on your background and your shoutout. Here's a detailed post on how to match better on Ohai! * In case you're in a location where other users aren't visible to you, we'd like to thank you for being an early adopter to the region! We'd be happy if you helped Ohai expand by sharing it with your associates.

I have an unstable/slow internet connection, what can I do?

Ohai has a P2P based algorithm, which allows users to discover other users in proximity even in slow Internet environments. Therefore, the app is offers a decent experience even with a slow or an unstable internet connection.

Turning on WiFi is forcing me to connect to an unknown network, how do I prevent that?

Auto-connecting to a WiFi network is a system feature on Android devices and not in our app's control. Your device settings allow you to forget a WiFi network to prevent auto-connect. This is usually found under the Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi menu. If you're on a college/office network that allows you to connect to only part of the internet (for example, it blocks Facebook), then there's a chance Ohai may not work. You can disconnect from this network and use Mobile Data to keep Ohai running.

I can't get notifications on my Redmi device. What do I do?

Go to Settings > Notifications & status bar > App notifications, and enable 'Show Notifications' for the Ohai App. If you still do not receive notifications, keep the App running in the background. To allow the Ohai App from auto-starting on the Redmi device, go to Settings > Permissions > Autostart and enable auto-start permission for the Ohai App.

I'm not getting any responses on chat, what should I do?

Ohai relies on an Internet connection for real-time interactions. If you are not able to send or receive chat/save profile requests, please ensure you have an active Internet connection on your device. Or perhaps, the user you are interacting with may be offline or simply not available to interact at this time.

I can't see anyone in my vicinity in Live View.

You could try pulling the screen down and refreshing it. If that doesn't work, chances are you're at a location where Ohai doesn't have an active user-base yet. The app is still in its initial stages and has yet to expand to some places in India. You could help us by expanding to where you are by sharing the app with your friends!.

When does Ohai launch for iOS?

The iOS version is out for beta testing! Get it from the iOS app store by clicking the link below.

download ohai playstore

How can Ohai help power my event?

A customized circle can be created for the event that'll help users* network better during and after the event as well as be useful to the organizers of the event. The circles will enable you to send real time updates, announcements to all participants. In addition, we can do a cross promotion with you on our social media/offline assets. Please write to us and we'll be happy to share a proposal.

I'm organizing a small event, would Ohai still be useful?

Yes absolutely, no matter the size of the event, the networking and engagement will happen seamlessly. Ohai can help you connect with participants in real time via a 1-1 conversation or via the group Circle.

There are a lot of people at the event, but I don't see anyone on Ohai.

It is possible that users with the app have their location services or Wi-Fi/data turned off, in which case discovery might not be possible. Ohai works best when it's fully integrated into the event so if your event is not powered by Ohai do tell the organizers about us we'll try our best to power future events.

How do event organizers benefit from Ohai?

Organizer benefit from the response at the event being better due to highly effective networking, leading to increased attendee satisfaction. Ohai would also provision organizers to save advertising costs by going paperless by marketing via the app. In addition, this would also offer them real time engagement with attendees for announcements during the event via the circles.

What pricings does Ohai offer for events?

Ohai offers flexible pricings that can you can avail by contacting us. Currently the core Ohai experience for events is absolutely free for a limited time, be sure to get in touch asap!

How can Ohai increase engagement at the event?

One of the biggest pain points at events is attendees not interacting or making relevant contacts* Ohai provides an elegant solution to that end. Organizers can also add attendees to the custom circle created for the event, and encourage engagement through the circle! Visitors at the event can also engage with organizers of the event, as well as any speakers or eminent personnel in attendance.

How long will the implementation take?

The implementation is very quick - the custom Circle(s) can be setup within a few hours, on which announcements can be made and other information and media can be shared with participants in real time. Deeper integration which offer event engagement metrics and check-in solutions will take a little more time but will be done generally within a day.

I don't really want to be on my phone at an event I'm attending. Can I still connect with people at the event?

Of course! Ohai has a 'Seen Around Me' feature using which you can connect with people at the event even if you don't interact with them during. Seen Around Me essentially provides you with an important contact list of the other people present at the event. You can browse through them anytime within 24 hours of the event and Get in Touch with them right away, or send them a Save Profile request to interact with them on your own time.

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