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13 Awesome CEOs You Need To Follow On Twitter


13 Awesome CEOs You Need To Follow On Twitter


You’ve probably followed Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Richard Branson on Twitter – they have millions of followers each. There’s more tweeting CEOs than the top three! Follow these awesome accounts before you put your phone aside:

1. David Karp @davidkarp

Tumblr’s David Karp has about a fifth of the following that his blogging site does. His picture makes him look like a Beatle and he’s always sharing updates from his log.

2. Pete Cashmore @petecashmore

Cashmore of Mashable.com is a flamboyant young CEO and Twitter veteran (he’s been on the platform for a decade now). He’s also a Game of Thrones fan. Who isn’t?

3. Eve Mayer @LinkedInQueen

She’s the head of SocialMediaDelivery, an SMM company. Look at her awesome content philosophy:

4. Jeff Weiner @jeffweiner

Head of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner’s Twitter handle is a mélange of great quotes, TV Show reviews and sports commentaries.

5. Michael Dell @MichaelDell

Yes, he’s head of Dell Computers. While he mostly tweets about Dell’s tech achievements, he also talks about things like planting trees, pet alpacas and goat yoga.

6. Meg Whitman @MegWhitman

She heads Hewlett-Packard and fiercely responded to rumours that she would be replacing Travis Kalanick as the next Uber CEO.

7. Jack Dorsey @jack

He is the CEO of Twitter itself, and no other Jack comes before him. He once tweeted about a sick dog and crowdsourced state-of-the-art treatment for it.

8. Marissa Mayer @marissamayer

Mayer was the CEO of Yahoo! and has nearly two million followers. Don’t confuse her with Marissa Meyer, who happens to be a writer. Mayer doesn’t just tweet business content – here’s a picture of her after a run:

9. Susan Wojciki @SusanWojciki

She’s the head of YouTube! Watch out for upcoming YT content on her Twitter handle and don’t miss out on the time she fostered kittens (aww!).

10. Brian Chesky @bchesky

He started AirBNB with a roommate in 2008. Since then the platform has made more bookings than most major hotel chains. He recent tweets are about his company helping out the Cuban tourism industry, making refugees’ lives easier and… drawing chickens.

11. Aaron Levie @levie

Heading BoxHQ, he doesn’t tweet too much about business performance. Levie’s tweets range from clever humour to White House criticism.

12. Mary Barra @mtbarra

General Motors boss Mary Barra loves to talk about company performance. Sometimes she tweets about STEM education, closing the gender gap and more.

13. Steve Forbes @SteveForbesCEO

As his name suggests, Steve Forbes is the CEO of Forbes Media. He doesn’t just tweet stuff from his own publication though. Have a look at his views on Cuba, Trump, and everything America.

Which cool CEOs do you follow on Twitter? Let me know on [email protected], and I’ll add them to the list!

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