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5 Ways To Get Better Matches On Ohai

by Team Ohai Tips & Tricks May 24 2017


5 Ways To Get Better Matches On Ohai

Ohai was built with a vision to match professionals with each other and to start conversations. To make this happen, users can tweak their profiles and settings to get themselves a wholesome, rewarding experience and meet awesome new people.

Here are five great ways to get better matches on Ohai!

  1. Use a professional profile picture

    It’s really tempting to make your child, pet or favourite cartoon character your profile picture. On an app like Ohai, people will trust you more if your picture looks professional. It’s also recommended to have a clear picture of just yourself, rather than a group photo, to avoid confusion.
  2. Set an awesome shoutout!

    Shoutouts matter. They announce your immediate need and help you match with people better. Use some keywords in your shoutout and make your message clear. For example: Any graphic designers nearby? For more information, read this article.
  3. Choose your interests wisely

    When setting up your Ohai profile, don’t skip entering your genuine interests or choose something which isn’t very relevant.. Interests and sub-interests really matter, because you’re matched with others based on them and your thoughtful internet will ensure you have better conversations!
  4. Your Profile description matters!

    Your profile is quite important for improving your overall user experience as Ohai makes sure the most relevant people show up in sorted by interest Live View. Keep it simple, professional and to-the-point. Use words that describe your work, skills and hobbies. For example: Professional Photographer specializing in corporate events.
  5. Try to avoid SMS lingo

    Whether you’re writing a shoutout or a profile description, avoid using slang words, unnecessary symbols or SMS language Eg. Write “I am working at an MNC” instead of “m workin @ mnc”. Once you’ve made a connection feel free to use casual language if you’re both inclined.

That’s about it! Easy, right? Now it’s your turn!

Download the Ohai app from this link.

For more Ohai tips & tricks, click here.

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