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7 Techniques to Escape an Awkward Conversation
by Anand Virani May 14 2017 Conversations , Networking

Stuck in an awkward conversation with a stranger at an event or party? Some people never let go. Here are seven easy ways to sneak your way out!

3 Reasons Why You’re Doing Networking Wrong
by Anand Virani May 12 2017 Conversations , Networking

Many of us find it difficult to simply go up to anyone and pull off a smooth conversation. Here are three reasons you might be networking the wrong way.

Time To Put Away Your Phone. No, Hold On… There’s One Thing.
by Team Ohai May 10 2017 Conversations , Networking , Socializing

Real life conversations are far more important than social media, but there’s one last app you should install before you ditch that cell phone.

You Should Throw Away Your Business Card Now, And Here’s Why
by Smeet Somaiya May 7 2017 Networking

Business cards are a waste of time, paper and money. Most are thrown away, so what’s the point? There are better solutions in today’s world.

Stranger Danger? Not Anymore!
by Anand Virani May 6 2017 Conversations , Networking

We all feel a little hesitant to talk to a stranger – what if they’re up to no good? There’s a solution to this now!

5 Ways To Be More Memorable: Becoming Unforgettable
by Arnab Saha May 5 2017 Conversations , Networking , Socializing

Being memorable at social events involves more than just getting the basics of networking right. Here are some awesome tips.

Your Network Is Not Your Net Worth: We Have A Wrong Idea Of What ‘Networking’ Means
by Anand Virani May 4 2017 General

Modern-day technology and the information age have changed the way we network with others, at both personal and professional levels.

Introverts are the New Superheroes: Some Tips to Harness your Inner Superpowers
by Anand Virani May 3 2017 Conversations , Introversion & Extraversion , Socializing

An introvert is more likely to succeed than a person with an extroverted personality. Introversion is no handicap for even the highest levels of management!

Welcome to the Blog!
by Anand Virani May 2 2017 General

Cutting Chai Technologies is thrilled to introduce the world to Ohai, our Live Discovery app!

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