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Stranger Danger? Not Anymore!
by Parag Tahilramani May 6 2017 Conversations , Networking

We all feel a little hesitant to talk to a stranger – what if they’re up to no good? There’s a solution to this now!

5 Ways To Be More Memorable: Becoming Unforgettable
by Arnab Saha May 5 2017 Conversations , Networking , Socializing

Being memorable at social events involves more than just getting the basics of networking right. Here are some awesome tips.

Your Network Is Not Your Net Worth: We Have A Wrong Idea Of What ‘Networking’ Means
by Parag Tahilramani May 4 2017 General

Modern-day technology and the information age have changed the way we network with others, at both personal and professional levels.

Introverts are the New Superheroes: Some Tips to Harness your Inner Superpowers
by Parag Tahilramani May 3 2017 Conversations , Introversion & Extraversion , Socializing

An introvert is more likely to succeed than a person with an extroverted personality. Introversion is no handicap for even the highest levels of management!

Welcome to the Blog!
by Anand Virani May 2 2017 General

Cutting Chai Technologies is thrilled to introduce the world to Ohai, our Live Discovery app!

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[Indian Startups] How to get an Audience with Angel Investors
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5 Most Viewed TED Talks of 2017 (So Far)
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