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The Essentials of a Shoutout

by Team Ohai Tips & Tricks May 22 2017


The Essentials of a Shoutout

Shoutouts are a key feature of the Ohai app, and are your primary means of reaching out to new professionals in your immediate vicinity. Having the a great shoutout is important and this article is here to help!

What it is

A shoutout is your immediate need and is something which you should change as often as possible. Are you in a new location and looking for freelancers? Then put it up as your shoutout. It’ll show up on your profile as a red line of text. Keep in mind your shoutout is visible not only to people that are ‘Here’ but also to those who are ‘Nearby’ and further away.  To change it, press the red + icon on the bottom-right of the screen, easy as pie, right?


How to set a Shoutout
How to set a Shoutout

How do shoutouts help you?

Ohai’s algorithm partly uses shoutouts to match users. If your shoutout matches better with someone’s profile/their shoutout, then they’ll show up higher on your sorted by interest live view. So keep your shoutouts up-to-date to match with other users as effectively as possible!

The ideal shoutout structure

An awesome shoutout is short, crisp and to-the-point. It should be straight to the point, around 5-10 words. For example, a shoutout for a guitar teacher would be: “I teach guitar, who wants to learn?” Shoutouts are all about give and take. A person who wants to learn guitar can shout: “I’m looking to learn guitar, any instructors around?”

When to shout

Needs change on a daily basis, don’t they? So why not our shoutouts? Keep changing your shoutout based on your specific needs. Today you want to exchange ideas on the latest developments in the IoT space with someone, tomorrow you may be looking for a rideshare.

Another example of a need-based shoutout is planning a trip. You work hard from Monday to Friday, and you might want to travel to another city over the weekend. Let’s say you need a chauffeur-driven car. You can shout it out! Someone might just refer you to a trustworthy travel agent who will provide you with what you need.

Of course, everyone’s needs don’t change daily. How many times you want to change your shoutout is totally up to you – though we recommend updating it often!

Location-based changes

Suppose you live in Powai and are travelling to Bandra for some work. A shoutout
“Where do you get the best Italian food in Hiranandani Gardens?” that works great in Powai may not be relevant in Bandra. There, you could change it to something Bandra-ites will respond better to.

Well, that’s the essence of it. Keep your shoutouts genuine, concise and compelling, and you’ll be networking like an expert in no time!

Download the Ohai app from this link.

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