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Why you need to learn how to code! [Not for engineers]

by Arnab Saha General Aug 24 2017


Why you need to learn how to code! [Not for engineers]


Most of us are of a mindset that only engineers need to understand those endless pages of {brackets} and semi;colons and strange words like ‘exception’. That’s not true at all. There are plenty of reasons that a writer, marketer or even a cameraman might want to learn how to code!

  1. Coding makes life easier to live

    A programming language can help you automate everyday tasks like making complex calculations, replying to text messages, organizing files on your desktop and more. Say you go for a trip with your friends and want to split expenses. Adding up everything manually at the end of the trip can get difficult. Add the burden of not remembering who spent how much where. Learn to code and write a simple program that calculates costs and eases confusion! Take a look at this post on how a video professional learnt coding to create & organize sets of folders on his computer.

  2. Coding teaches you to think about problems in a different way altogether

    As this article explains, programmers have to learn exactly how to solve a problem by breaking it down into smaller pieces, then coming up with mini-solutions for each small piece. This method of thinking develops only when you learn how to code. Coding develops your problem solving skills in a way that no other activity can. Computer languages are based on binary inputs and logical outcomes, so they instil attention to detail and strengthen logical reasoning. These skills may overflow into your daily life too!

    seriously learn to code

  3. A few simple programming tricks can save you money – or even help you earn

    Let’s say you’re a writer, and you spend a few hours everyday working on blog posts for your website. Your site is maintained by a pricey web developer who’s just using WordPress and a few lines of HTML and CSS. So you learn HTML and CSS yourself – then you take over the website and save yourself a ton of money in annual maintenance costs.
    Now you’re not just a writer, you’re a web designer as well! A few more tutorials and you’re building sites for strangers and have a new side career.

  4. It can make you a self-sufficient employee, and even get you promoted

    Imagine you’re working as a graphic designer in a large company, but every now and then you need an engineer to write a few lines of code – maybe to make an icon behave in a certain way. The problem is that this engineer is busy with a mountain of high-priority work, and only has time once every few days to attend to your humble icons. This means that much of your work is held back just in wait of a coder. So you can learn how to code in a few weeks’ time and apply your newfound knowledge to your job… et voila! No more engineer needed. Extra skills will always impress your boss so you might be up for a promotion sooner than you think!


Two decades ago it was considered a big deal if you could operate a computer… something we now do instinctively. Coding may seem like a big deal today but it isn’t as hard as it looks and is the future! Give it a try.

How has coding helped you in life? Write to me at [email protected] and I will include it in the list.

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