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After The Meeting: 5 Great Follow-Up Tactics


After The Meeting: 5 Great Follow-Up Tactics

It was an era of business card mountains, and it has turned into an era of endless phone book contacts and countless social media connections. The mistake, however, remains the same. People meet with someone new at an event, a party or through a mutual friend, then don’t follow-up. Here’s a shocker: 88% of business cards get thrown away within a week of being handed out! This is a list of nine noteworthy tactics to follow up with someone, and build great business relationships on the foundations of the in-person meeting that took place.

  1. Recap email

    Sending out a recap email or text after meeting someone isn’t rare at all, but most people tend to miss out on important details. When recapping, be sure to:

    1. Say thanks for attending the meeting
    2. Use any common ground references, eg. you both like dogs.
    3. Explain the benefits of your product/service (that were already discussed)
    4. Attach any useful resources (eg. documents, pictures)
    5. Talk about the next step that is to be taken
    6. Ask if they have any questions
    7. Set up a future call or meeting if necessary.
  2. Take notes

    take notes on them

    At networking or social events, people have a tendency to talk quickly and move on to the next person. In these cases, it can get a little difficult to remember exactly who said what. Take down brief notes after each conversation – it’s the little things that count. When meeting these people in the future, refer to these notes and build stronger relationships with them.

  3. Send them useful content every now and then

    Yes, many networkers do send reminders at regular intervals, via email or text message. Unfortunately, most of these look spammy and have no purpose other than to inform the recipient that the sender still exists. So, don’t be like one of them. Send people articles and informative blog posts that are of practical use specifically to them. You can do this via email or through professional networking sites. This takes a little work and may restrict the number of people you reach out to, but it’s better to be known as a helpful person to a few, than as a spammer to many.
  4. Practical gifts don’t hurt

    send a gift

    Typical corporate gifts like calendars, diaries and fancy pens swarm the market every year. 74% of US companies give out gifts during the holiday season. The problem, though, is that most gifts are bland and of nearly no use – how many people make pen-and-paper diary entries these days? The trick is to give gifts that aren’t too expensive, but relatively useful and long-lasting. Good examples are small bluetooth speakers, fidget spinners and umbrellas. Did you know that tiny speakers cost barely Rs. 300 ($5)?

  5. Mentions

    Have a blog on your website? Mention people that you know in your blog posts from time to time. Even if the blog isn’t too well known, people love getting attention. Everyone’s an expert in some field or the other – so give them mentions whenever possible!

That’s about it. Be sure to keep analyzing and improving on all your follow-up tactics, and of course customize them for every individual – no two people are ever the same.

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