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Ohai Champions!

by Team Ohai General Nov 2 2017


Ohai Champions!

We’re pleased to announce our Champions – users who’ve made contributions to Ohai and made awesome connections on the app!

Parth Bhalotia – Champion of the month, October 2017

We present our champion for the month of October – Parth Bhalotia! Parth has been a long time user of Ohai and has met quite a few interesting people through the app. He’s also the founder of BuzzOpinion, which aggregates reviews from across the web. Install Ohai to get in touch with Parth and 10,000 other Ohai users!

Anubhav Dixit – Champion of the month, September 2017

Anubhav Dixit was very fascinated by the concept of Ohai and its relevance in an Indian work ecosystem, and has helped us identify areas of improvement in the app. We’d like to thank Anubhav for his contribution to the platform! He works as content developer, and also blogs and makes YouTube videos in his free time. Get Ohai to instantly connect with Anubhav!

Deepika Malik – Champion of the month, August 2017

Champion Deepika

Deepika of Spiro Spero is an interior designer for restaurants, and needed the app to connect with many kinds of professionals required in setting up a new restaurant. She hopes to find more artists, vendors and painters on the Ohai app in the days to come! Check out her page!

Gokul Pillai – Champion of the month, July 2017

champion gokul

Gokul found the Ohai app on the Play Store and simply loved the friendliness of the UI! Being an HR Manager, he has made valuable and useful connections with professionals in his vicinity. Way to go!

Ravi Parmar – Champion of the Month, June 2017

Ravi was the gold medalist at our event ‘Be You, Be Surprised’ at WorkSquare Powai. He was top match for nearly everyone who participated in the activity. Ravi is a supply chain management consultant and loves to collaborate with others. Keep connecting, Ravi!

Sudeep Gandhi – Champion of the Month, May 2017

Sudeep’s Ohai profile scored the highest points at ‘Be You, Be Surprised’ at 91Springboard, Andheri East. Sudeep is a visual designer and calligraphist who works on graphic design projects. Go Sudeep! Check out his works here.

Wanna be an Ohai champ? Write to us today at ceo@ohaiapp.com and find out what you need to do!

Download the Ohai app and network with like-minded professionals today – click here.

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