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The Latest Ohai Update Is Brimming With New Features!

by Team Ohai General Jun 20 2017


The Latest Ohai Update Is Brimming With New Features!

Share your exclusive invitation with your friends!

It just got so much easier to share your exclusive invite code! If you’re using the app, you’re in and can invite others to Ohai. Tap ‘Share to Invite’ in the left side menu. You’ll see your exclusive code along with share options such as WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. The more people there are, the stronger a network becomes, so bring everyone you know on board!


share to invite

Share Your Location

Where are you? Are you here? Ask these questions no more, now you can now share your location within chats! Simply tap the + sign and press ‘Location’. Shoot people your co-ordinates and meeting them becomes as easy as pie!


share your location

Media Sharing

Let’s say you’re a budding musician and a producer on Ohai asks for your demo (yes it can happen). Add and send as many demo tapes as you want. Audio, video, and images are supported! Just tap the + sign and press ‘Media’ to do this!


sharing options

Audio Clips

Feeling too lazy to type? In a chat, simply press the microphone and send an audio clip! Just click on the mic and let your heart out.


improved chat interface

A Jazzy Notification Panel

Introducing a new notification panel, making it easier to see all your requests in one place. See people who want to get in touch and also those who have requested to save your profile.

new notification panel

Don’t have Ohai? Get it here.

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