Ohai - A Year in Review


Ohai – A Year in Review

by Anand Virani General Dec 30 2017


Ohai – A Year in Review

Trust you are having a wonderful, warm and well deserved holiday season!

As 2017 comes to an end, I reflected on the year and thought of reaching out and share some exciting and important messages.

This is the year when we launched Ohai version 1.0 at a launch party in late January. Many of you were part of the celebration as Beta users and expressed best wishes and confidence for its future.

Since then, it’s been an exciting journey with you on-board the Ohai user community!
Team Ohai has captured this in a cool illustration below.

In addition to these, we achieved the following important milestones in the Company’s journey :

  • Cutting Chai Technologies, the company behind Ohai, closed its Angel funding round with some amazing Telecom Industry leaders.
  • Team Ohai was accepted into leading startup programs from Facebook, IBM, Reliance and GOI’s Startup India.
  • Ohai Beta for iOS launched in the Apple App store.
  • Powered some awesome Industry events with a “World first Live networking Platform for Professionals” proposition.

But the achievement I am most proud of is that my Engineering & Marketing teams worked in tandem to release 40+ App updates.
This was the outcome of a very simple ask I put forth to the team at the beginning of the year; “We need to be constantly speaking to our users and listen to what they are or may not be telling us.”

Through the year, we spoke to thousands of our users in person, on the phone or via email for new features, usability improvements. This led to the launch of exciting new features and improvements for User sign-up, Profile page, Chat, Circles (Industry groups) and UI facelift.

On behalf of the team, I would personally like to thank you for your invaluable suggestions & constant feedback.

I also like to request for your help in referring Ohai to your friends, colleagues and Industry associates with a recommendation to refer further. The professional network that Ohai helps build, grows stronger only if more of your second and third-degree connections come on board.

We’ve made it very easy to refer Ohai from right within the App via the “Share to invite” & “Share profile features.

Lastly, I am very open to ideas and suggestions on how Ohai can help Businesses.Ohai brings unique location & proximity led discovery experiences to its users, whether it’s discovering people, businesses or content. If you have ideas on these experiences helping drive user engagement your Business or Professional community, write to me.

As we turn the year into 2018, I look forward to our continued association and conversation.
Trust Ohai to help you make many more new & relevant connections in the upcoming year.


Happy Networking!

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