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Stranger Danger? Not Anymore!


Stranger Danger? Not Anymore!

Are Strangers Bad?

If you grew up in India, there is a high chance that you were repeatedly told by your parents not to talk to strangers. You were almost certainly in danger if you tried approaching one. As you grew up, the fear faded, but you still feel a little hesitant to talk to a stranger. What if they’re up to no good? Problems with strangers tend to escalate when you shift to another city, because now, you don’t know anyone who will introduce you to those you want to meet.

Ohai Is Here To Help!

Wave your troubles away and meet Ohai. It’s an app that works on live discovery, meaning it finds people in real time in your immediate vicinity – like the very conference hall you’re in. It’s aimed at professionals, so it sorts through people based on mutual interests. If you’re a freelance photographer waiting to get an assignment, it’ll match you with someone who needs a photographer, very nearby! Ohai verifies people using their using social login (Facebook, LinkedIn profile) and phone number. So, there’s no fear of running into any unknown people.

The AirBNB Case

Did you know that the co-founders of AirBNB met entirely by accident? They were absolute strangers, until Nathan Blecharczyk met Joe Gebbia in San Francisco while renting an apartment. Then Nathan moved out and Brian Chesky moved in. Nathan was a complete stranger to both Joe and Brian! Yet, the trio has built one of the biggest hospitality startups in history with over 150 million users. Given a chance, strangers can accomplish the most amazing things!

How Ohai Helps You Meet Others

Ohai also makes starting conversations (and keeping them going!) much easier. When you install the app, you can enter information about yourself that other people would use to match with you – like your education, work experience, your current set of needs, your personal interests, etc. Ohai will never use your private data, and what other users see is entirely up to you. Never run out of words when Ohai is by your side!

So go on and join Ohai. Curve right around the stranger danger. Effortlessly start a conversation, build your professional network, push your career stats uphill, and above all stay safe.

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