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Time To Put Away Your Phone. No, Hold On… There’s One Thing.


Time To Put Away Your Phone. No, Hold On… There’s One Thing.

Put away your phone!

If you’ve browsed through blogs that post about networking, human relationships etc (like ours – thank you for being a fan!) you have probably seen through several articles titled “X Reasons to put away your phone”. These typically ask you to leave your smartphone in a corner and enjoy the real world. These articles stress on the importance of talking to your loved ones more often, rather than staring at a glowing screen with a zombie expression on your face.

The article you’re reading right now is going to tell you the same thing. Put away your phone. Real life conversations are so much more valuable than beeping texts. Get out there and socialize with every human you find. Live the moment!

No, hold on.

You’re not seven years old anymore, eager to run around and meet new people all the time. You’re an adult, with adult problems, and at this point you’re more selective about getting to know people, isn’t it? So, how do you go about deciding whom to meet?

While most of us build our personal network through mutual acquaintances and relatives, some of us willingly talk to strangers sitting next to us in a bus or airplane. A few people, warned since childhood not to talk to strangers, are a little hesitant to do this. Connecting to new individuals tends to turn into a long-drawn, tedious process. This means that many of us just sit at home scrolling social media, because it’s so much easier to see what old acquaintances are up to than to make new connections.

What if there was a way to circumvent the whole ‘random’ factor? What if you could miraculously unearth only relevant people in your immediate locality, that you shared mutual interests with?

There is.

Say hi to Ohai! This app’s patented Live Discovery technology locates people in your vicinity that you have a lot in common with, in real time. By vicinity, I mean the very room you might have walked into or the neighbourhood you’re in. How many times do we sit next to a random person, never talking to them, never knowing who they really are? The app unmasks new people with a little background information to break the ice. This could trigger a lucrative conversation that is the foundation of a long-term personal or professional relationship.

Go ahead and power off your phone, or use it to enhance your real-life social network with Ohai.

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