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Welcome to the Blog!

by Anand Virani General May 2 2017


Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Cutting Chai Blog!

Cutting Chai Technologies is thrilled to introduce the world to Ohai, our Live Discovery app! Ohai’s aim is to help people find and build meaningful connections by matching users in real time, based on mutual interest and proximity.

We strongly believe that conversations are more effective more than online ‘connections’ that you may or may not know too well, or might not be in touch with at all.

In this blog, we will write about posts that chronicle the world of digital and face to face networking, communicating with new individuals (through Ohai or otherwise), networking events around the city, and of course, happenings in one of our favourite areas in the city, Powai.

So, stay tuned for more amazing content from the world’s first live-discovery based networking community!

Click here to download the Ohai App.

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